Complete Guide for Printer Setup: ij.stárt.cánón

ij.stárt.cánón helps to set up Cánón printer. It’s the online support platform to download and install Cánón printer drivers, firmware, and software. To get started with ij.stárt.cánón setup, you can select wireless, wired, or USB connection method. Cánón printer app is available for cableless ij start Cánón setup for smartphones. For a hassle free setup process on Cánón printer to Windows (or mac), follow the below-mentioned instructions.

Steps to Download Cánón Printer Driver by Accessing ij.stárt.cánón

Follow the below steps to download the Cánón printer driver setup on your computer or laptop by accessing ij.stárt.cánón:

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Cánón by entering ij.stárt.cánón in the URL bar of the web browser.
  • Here, you will see all the Cánón products. Choose your printer by entering the printer’s name in the search bar.
  • After that, select your printer for which you want to download the setup file for your printer driver.
  • Once, you enter the website of your printer, search for “Drivers and Downloads” at the right-hand side of the web page. Left-click on it to open further options under the drivers and download option.
  • Here, you will find the two options such as Optional printer drivers and Recommended printer drivers.
  • It is mandatory to download the recommended Cánón printer driver as they were needed during printing from the Cánón printer. The user can download the optional Cánón printer driver depending on the compatibility with their operating system.
  • You will see the “Select” option in front of the download printer driver link. Click on the link which you want to download in your system.
  • After that, the downloading process will start. It will take a few seconds to complete the downloading process.
  • At last, a pop-up message is displayed on your screen that downloading of the Cánón printer driver is completed.

Install and Set Up Cánón Printer Wirelessly - ij.stárt.cánón

In general, each Cánón printer has its own functions, and depending on your Ij printer type, installation and setup steps can vary, however we’ve tried to show you the standard steps to set up your Cánón printer wirelessly;

  • If your router has a WPS button, then press the WiFi or wireless button on your printer. Then, push the WPS button on the router and wait for ‘Connected to WiFi’ status.
  • In case you don’t find any WPS button on the router, then follow the next steps to set up a network.
  • Press Setup on Cánón printer and tap Device Settings, press OK.
  • Use arrows and tap LAN settings, press OK.
  • Select Wireless LAN active and wait for the printer to show you the Standard setup.
  • Locate the access point and provide the security key.
  • When you Cánón printer model connect to wireless LAN, press Ok.
  • After all the wireless connection setup, its time to install Cánón printer software. Therefore, open the file you downloaded from ij.stárt.cánón or insert a CD-ROM.
  • Double click on ij.start Cánón file and click “Start Setup” to start the installation.
  • Review and accept software license terms.
  • Select wireless connection method type when asked during ij start Cánón installation.
  • Follow all instructions carefully to finish the ij start Cánón printer setup.

Troubleshooting Cánón printer issues:

If the Cánón ij printer displays any error, reset your printer by reconnecting the data cable, replacing ink. In case you can’t troubleshoot any of the issues yourself, contact Cánón printer support to learn more.